Handcrafted Paper Star Lamps

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paper star lanterns


    Founded in 1945, we are one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Christmas paper stars in India. We take pride in presenting you our distinctive collection of authentic and handcrafted star lights in a variety of textures, colour schemes and patterns. Eye catching and stunning these multiple winged stars add light, elegance and colour to any outdoor setting and are great for home decor during the Christmas season.

    Our designs employ a variety of processes - foil, silk screening, embossed colour designs, and meticulously executed perforations, in geometric and floral patterns. Materials used for crafting range from foil, coloured plastic, fluorescent paper, silk fabric to good old paper board, and are totally environment friendly. The light emitted from these can vary from soft to bright depending on the type of bulb used.

    These paper star lanterns are a unique way to illuminate any social setting, any festive occasion, and can be folded up for easy storage. So come on in, get to know us better and take a closer look at our company and share the experience that means quality.


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